Uganda Travel Guide

Uganda Travel Guide and Safari Tips

Uganda Safari and Travel Advice: Tourist Visas, Weather, Safety Measures, Tipping, Credit Cards, Money Transfers etc.

Do I need a visa to enter Uganda?

You are required to purchase a tourist visa before you enter Uganda. Tourist visas can be bought in advance via the embassy or consulate in your country or simply purchased upon arrival at Entebbe International Airport or at any overland border. Photos are not required and a single entry tourist visa costs US$ 100 per person for up to 90 days stay in Uganda.

Uganda Travel Tips and Guidelines

Whoever is planning to visit Uganda now or in the future, need to know some travel guidelines in order to have his safari a smooth one.

Uganda, ‘The Pearl of Africa’ is a wonderful travel destination. To enjoy your visit and achieve the objectives of your coming to Uganda, please observe the tips below:

Uganda travel visa requirements

All travelers to Uganda require valid passports and visas. When coming to Uganda, check with your local Ugandan Embassy for details or write to us and we advise accordingly.

Uganda language

English is the national language. There are other local languages like Luganda, Runyankore, Lusoga, Luo, Lugbara and many more spoken by various tribes in Uganda. For those who can only communicate using language like Chinese, Germany, French, Arabic and others, we can arrange special interpreters for them while taking their tours in Uganda.

Uganda Currency

Major foreign currencies include like the US$, pound sterling and Euros, South African Rand and currencies for the Uganda’s neighboring countries can be exchanged in the local Forex bureaus and banks. Travelers’ cheques are accepted in Uganda and are convertible at banks and Forex bureau in Kampala City and other major towns and hotels. Credit cards are getting common and are accepted in some shopping and banks. Majority of banks have ATM facilities. In some national parks or tourist centre, visitors can pay using foreign currencies if they did not get time to convert into local money. It is not advisable to exchange money on the streets from individuals as you may be given fake notes of Uganda shillings.

Exchange rate

Forex bureaus and newspapers usually have the current exchange rates better check with them.

Uganda travel and health

Yellow fever vaccinations are a legal requirement for entry into Uganda. Please note you will require a yellow fever vaccination certificate upon your entry to Uganda. We recommend that you take precautions against malaria (malaria only occurs in areas below 1800 metres in altitude) prior to the commencement of your holiday. Our tour guides will give you information about health services in Uganda.

Uganda’s Climate

Uganda’s climate is humid; it combines hotness and coldness in some parts. Uganda has dry spells from June-September and rains from November to mid January and many rains from March-June but at times such seasons can vary.

Uganda travel clothing/dress

Carry with your lightweight, washable clothes plus a coat, jacket or sweater for morning wildlife game drives or any cold as a result of any weather changes. Items like sunhat, sunglasses and sunscreen etc are also important. Trousers or long sleeved shirts protect you from insect bites. Any other form of dressing by one’ choice is good as long as it is not indecent for public upsets. Women travelers need to carry a wrap to cover legs in the village and towns. At Lodges and hotels with swimming pools, better to carry a swimsuit along with you. Read more about what to carry on an African safaris as well as what to pack when coming for gorilla trekking in Uganda.

Baggage on safaris

Baggage on safari is limited to one bag, plus one small piece of hand baggage per person (excluding a camera bag). In total this should not weight more then 20 kg. Suitcases and other heavier items can be stored in town hotels whilst clients are on safari.

Uganda tour and travel photo shots

To make your tour memorable, its better you carry along with you a video and a digital with enough charged batteries for shooting whatever interests during your tour. Keep cameras from dust, sunshine or rain. It is advisable to seek permission first before photographing anyone or anything.

Uganda travel security

Uganda is a very safe country but still precautionary measures have to be ensured while traveling. One must keep safely any belongings in possession. Avoid night walking alone and especially in dark place, take a taxi or a special hire. It is unwise to move with cameras and other valuable like jewelry and phones at night or large cash, they should be left at home or in your locked hotel room. Beware of pickpockets and con men.

Shopping in Uganda

In Uganda, tourist areas, hotels, highways and wildlife lodges sell a wide range of souvenirs, handcraft, curving and jewelry at most souvenir shops.

Uganda time zone

GMT +3 hours

International dialing code for Uganda

+256 + area code + number

Uganda religions

Christianity and Islam are the major sects in Uganda.