Kabaka’s Palace

Kabaka’s Palace Mengo Kampala Uganda

Kabaka Palace Kampala is the residential place to the royal family of the Kingdom of Buganda. King’s place is positioned on the hill of Mengo overseeing Bulange-the parliament of Buganda, Kabaka’s palace is a significant historic place that is commendable of visiting on Uganda safari. It is a massive landscape with splendid construction and other historical famous buildings with in its neighborhoods such as Amin’s torture chambers. The Amin’s torture chambers were the routing ground for the dictator Idi Amin who governed Uganda since 1971 to 1979. There is a lot of history devoted to the palace that will make your encounter memorable. The Kabaka’s Palace is one of the tourist attractions in Kampala and the same time among the historical and cultural sites in Uganda.

The original name or historical/traditional name is known as “Olubiri”.the palace was normally established on a big land to accommodate a number of houses and large number of people.it was traditional custom for a new king to choose a hill where he would build a new palace. This palace would become the new capital of the Kingdom and the King was free to rename the place as he so wishes.