Entebbe Town

Entebbe Town is located at the shores of Lake Victoria about 40 km south west of Kampala. It is also home to Uganda’s only international airport and gateway to the country. Entebbe also has the second presidential home (state house) where the president stays.

The name of the town was derived from Luganda word ’Entebbe’ which means a chair. The place is where the Baganda chiefs used to seat while solving legal conflicts. The area was also embraced by the colonial government as the administrative center of the country. With Entebbe International Airport being found in this town, the place is a gateway to and from Uganda, the Pearl of Africa.  Entebbe is much more than a town as it has places of attraction where e one can explore the various parks, places, islands, our national zoo and more.

The town has a pleasant climate for you to enjoy ,Since the town is situated near Lake Victoria and you can access various choice destinations from here, most of them a short drive, or boat ride, now even by plane or helicopter.  Areas of attraction in Entebbe include, Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC) where you have enjoy animals, birds and plant species, Snake parks, Botanical gardens, a place where one can spend a day seeing the beautiful trees, birds and monkeys. Entebbe has beautiful beaches for relaxation and fun making.

Entebbe town is a base for connecting to other tourist destinations in Lake Victoria. These destinations include Ssese islands, amazing holiday islands in Uganda, Bulago island, Ngamba Island, the home for orphaned chimpanzees as well as Mabamba Swamp, a birding spot on the outskirts of Lake Victoria.