Aruu Falls

Aruu Falls in Northern Uganda

Aruu waterfalls are found in Pader District in northern Uganda roughly four and half kilometers off Pader-Kitgum highway. The boiling springs are in the middle of a forest zone mainly occupied by Acholi and Langi people who are largely peasants. The falls are one of the many waterfalls in Uganda, a country naturally endowed with many tourist sites.

Activities at Aruu Waterfalls 

You may enjoy a picnic lunch on one of the large rocks at the bottom of the falls as you enjoy the cool breeze of Uganda – the Pearl of Africa. Visitors at the site usually enjoy is swimming in the roaring waters. This is only done at one’s own risk, even though the place is not much risky. You will also likely to find some visitors bathing under the falls as they enjoy the aquatic adventure. At the bottom of the waterfalls, picnics are possible as you enjoy some lunch meals under the cool soothing breeze from the waters.